Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blocks Made

I made some blocks this morning for alternate blocks for the Saturday Sampler quilts.  The last blocks will be done in December and I hope to get one of the quilts finished to show in November.  We are doing two different colorways of a beautiful paisley collection and the blocks are the same except for color.  Here are a few of the black ones I have made.

The other colorway is red, with the same prints.  Barb is going to finish the black quilt for the shop so I will make the red one.

Here are the blocks I made this morning.


The quilt will require 6 blocks of the stars.  I also made a couple of black stars so we could make sure the fabric looked good with the Saturday Sampler blocks.  It looks great with both. 

I took the stars into the shop and we auditioned them with the rest of the fabric for the quilt.  Hopefully this weekend I can get the block kits for October, November and December, get the blocks made and then put the quilt together.

I also picked up the border fabric for the Schnibbles quilt.



  1. Melinda, you just got a Sunshine Award from my on my Blog!!

  2. love those blocks!

  3. Good looking blocks you got there. Looking forward to seeing more.


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