Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Community Service Day

Tuesday was Community Service day at guild and it was a “get it finished” day.  I had two quilts that were quilted long ago but not bound.  I sewed the binding on both before I went and finished the handwork at guild.  I even got the label sewn on.  The top was donated quite a while ago by a customer from Tiny Stitches.  She just wanted it finished and donated and I have finally done that.

We do Community Service all the time but when there is a fifth Tuesday, we spend the day at guild working.  We have spent the day making cool ties for the troops and another one working on pillowcases for kids in local hospitals.  All during the year we work on quilts and then at the end of the year, the Acworth police come to the meeting and we give them the results of our work.  They use them primarily for children that they need to remove from their homes for their safety.  Our goal is for every child in this circumstance to get a quilt to keep.

We have made so many pillowcases this year that I was concerned about getting enough quilts.  After yesterday, I no longer worry. Here are some of the completed quilts going to Rose’s house until presented to the police.  See mine near the top?

The other quilt top I took is having the handwork being done by another member.  She didn’t get it finished yesterday (it is a larger quit) so is taking it home to complete.

Here are a few photos of the fun.

We put a label on each quilt with just the Guild’s name on it.

The little red schoolhouse is the guild’s logo and is used for our nametags as well.

There is one more 5th Tuesday in November so we can get a start on next year’s projects.


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  1. I have to smile at the 5th Tuesday. We have meeting at school for the first 4 Tuesdays of every month. I was so pleased when I learned that yesterday was the 5th Tuesday and I had an unplanned hour to myself. What a nice way to spend your "bonus" time.


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