Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August Guild Meeting

OK – so the pajama pants above have nothing to do with our monthly guild meeting but I forgot my camera. I did have my IPhone with me but for some reason, Photoshop has decided not to recognize it.  What that means is that I can take photos but I can’t get them transferred to my computer.  Maybe when I get my new IPhone (I ordered it last week and they said it would take about 2 weeks), Photoshop will magically recognize it.

Anyway, Debbie made these wonderful pants out of flannel for Christmas in July.  They are hanging above the door in the classroom.  Love them.  They have nothing to do with this post but I do like them and thought you might like to see them.

We had a great meeting and lots of wonderful projects were shown for Show and Tell.  We also had quilts from the challenge called “It’s All About Me”.  I had a great idea for the challenge but simply ran out of time to actually make it.

I made a raspberry cream cake from Pioneer Woman’s blog.  It turned out great.  It is funny how our potluck changes from month to month.  This month most people brought desserts.  The main dishes were all white or light green with the exception of some asparagus.  Next month we probably won’t have any desserts!



  1. Not sure how you transfer your pics, try emailing them to yourself. Then safe onto desktop and put into your blog. You may not be able to crop or edit them, but otherwise it should work.

  2. Somehow I think we will always have desserts! The real food does vary from month to month though!

  3. (you probably know this already)...
    You can email photos from your iPhone directly to blogspot. In the Settings tab, there is another tab called "Email & Mobile". The second block down allows you to establish a special email account and the photos (and any text you add to the email) are mailed to that address, and magically appear as posts. I just figured this out a few weeks ago, and that's honestly the only way I'm posting anything these days!
    You can't alter them in Photoshop this way, but it works in a pinch!


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