Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coasters for Guild Retreat

We are going on a retreat Feb 1-3! The theme of the retreat is Quilter's Tea Party and I am in charge of decorations for the tables. Today at sew-in we made 34 coasters - we need about 16 more but I can get them done in an afternoon.

At each place, we are putting a coaster, a teacup and a cloth napkin. Mary made the napkins using her serger out of some teacup fabric that I had in my stash. I am not sure why I had so much of it, but I did. I must have thought I would use it as a backing but the napkins look great!

I had done nickel swaps over the past couple of years and pulled out all the blue and yellow nickels I had and we put the coasters together today. With 4 people working, it went very fast.

I have a surprise for the group at the retreat - we are going to decorate hats! What would a tea party be without hats! That is enough for now, will post more after the retreat.

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  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Hi Melinda,
    The surprise is out, well I won't tell, maybe. Would you believe your blog turned up in a google search I was doing for "Wacky nine patch". I know there was a free pattern on the net for one a few years ago, because I have a copy somewhere. I just thought it would be easier to find it on the net than to go through all my patterns. No luck so far. I thought if I could find that pattern again, I would use it for the community service quilt instead of comming on Tuesday. Trying to conserve that gas, although prices are down a little. I'm looking forward to the Red Top Retreat next week.
    Carol Patterson


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