Sunday, April 26, 2015

Saturday Sampler–Out of the Box with Kaffe

I finally finished the Saturday Sampler quilt that is finishing up next month – May.  The theme for this series was Out of the Box.  We encouraged people to try something different and had three options.  Bonnie and Camille, Blue and Yellow and Kaffe.  I worked on the Kaffe one all year and got it quilted last week.  I finished up the binding on Thursday so it is complete now.

Here is the Bonnie and Camille quilt before quilting.

0415 Bonnie and Camille

Blue and Yellow

0415 Blue and Yellow

Kaffe front

0415 Kaffe Quilt Front

and back

0415 Kaffe Quilt Back

There were 12 blocks – one for each month and then we had 4 optional blocks that were available.  We set them all the same way with a different border for the Bonnie and Camille top.  For the other two we are offering a 12 block setting (Kaffe) or a 16 block setting (Blue and Yellow).  I used the extra four blocks on the back of the quilt.


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