Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Making a Pinata

The grandkids went to school today and Joe and I went out. It was a bright sunny day. We went to IKEA an bought some candles (have I mentioned how many candles they burn since it is dark so much here in the winter) and then to the plant nursery. We bought a few bulbs for Karin as a surprise when she gets back next week.

After school, we started making a Pinata. The kids have a book called "The Pinata Quilt" and my sister make the quilt for Hanna when she was a baby. They had been reading the book and wanted me to bring a pinata for them. Since I decided that it would be impossible to pack a pinata, I told them we would make one. Foolish me!

We got started today by blowing up a balloon and then putting a layer of newspaper dipped in flour/water paste all over it. The book suggested using liquid starch which sounds like a good idea but Joe says they don't sell it here. What he really means is that he as never seen it sold here. He also told me they don't have baking soda but Karin says they do. Unfortunately, she is in the US until Monday so we made yucky paste.

Dipping strips of newspaper into paste and sticking it all over a balloon is apparently great fun if you are 5 or 8. At my age, it was not so much fun. I got to clean up paste from everywhere, including Hanna's hair. The first layer is done and we will get to have the same fun again tomorrow and the next day. After that, I brought colored tissue paper that we can make a mess with.

No way to load photos, but I will take some for later.

By the way - it is snowing!

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  1. Hey sweetie, it looks like you're having fun. I can't wait to see pictures.


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