Sunday, December 16, 2007

Steno Book Covers

Here is what I have been making recently. Steno book covers! I have been using pre-quilted fabric but since it sometimes is hard to find it at a resonable price, I think I will quilt some of my own. I would like to make some in a sewing theme and haven't found any pre-quilted sewing fabric recently.

They are very simple to make and I taught a workshop at guild recently for the members. Let's see if I can tell you how. First cut a 7 inch by width of fabric piece of quilted fabric. Cut this piece to 37 inches. Using the remaining piece, cut a 4 by 7 and set aside. Take the long piece and folding about 1/4 inch top sititch in under.

If you want to add a pen/pencil pocket now is the time to do it. I usually use a small piece of the prequited fabric about 2 by 6. Fold down one of the narrow ends and topstitch just like the main piece. Fold in the long sides and press.

Using the steno pad, figure out the placement for the pocket. I usually have the bottom of the pocket about 10 inches from the topstitched edge of the fabric, placed at a slant. You need to place the pocket upside down and stitch across the raw edge. Flip the pocket up and topstich all around the three open sides.

Lay the long piece down on your cutting board right side up and fold in both sides until the piece is about 19 inches long and the ends are evenly folded up. Place the 4 by 7 piece of fabric in the middle where the opening is, placing it right sides down. Stitch both sides and turn the whole thing right side out. Place your steno notebook in it and it is ready to give as a gift with a pen or pencil in the little pocket on front.

While writing this down, I went in and made one - it only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish so these are very quick and easy to make for last minute gifts. I know this isn't very clear but I am not a pattern writer. Good luck and if you make one (or many) please send me a photo or let me know where you have posted one.


  1. Thanks for the instructions, Melinda. I might try some of these after the holidays.

  2. Neat idea... I'll have to remember that. I'll bet the kids in my family would like ones in denim too. :)


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