Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pincushion Exchange

Guild today was so much fun. We did our pincushion exchange. Everyone formed a large circle and we played a left right game to a lot of confusion and laughter. I found a version of Night before Christmas that was modified with lots of rights and lefts added.

We had asked that people made a pincushion but since we have some members who really don't sew that much anymore, we did allow purchased ones, as long as they were very nice ones. I didn't see any duds this year so it appears that everyone listened and made/brought appropriately.

I received the pincushion made by Jan. It is a very clever cat pincushion that she made. The woman who got the one I made seemed to be pleased - I hope so.


  1. I love the kitty pincushion. And I thought the one you made was gorgeous. I'll bet that lady was very pleased to get it.

  2. That kitty is soooo cute - how can you bear to stick pins in him?!?!

  3. Now *that* is a cute pincushion. And I love the ripple afghan it is laying on, the ripple is my favorite pattern.


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