Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great News! Semi-finalist at Nashville

I am so excited! We just found out today that the raffle quilt I quilted for the East Cobb Quilt Guild is in the semi-finals for an award at Nashville. I know I have talked about the quilt before before but I am so excited about it going to Nashville and now to hear that it is being seriously considered for an award that I had to talk about it again!

Once again, the quilt was designed by Tiny Stitches . It was pieced and appliqued by members of the guild and then I quilted it. It is a beautiful quilt and will be given away on September 16 at our quilt show. I have bought a lot of tickets and hope I win it!

Last year, two quilts that I quilted were in the show at Nashville but didn't get a ribbon but it was still exciting to go see them. I am going up on Thursday to Nashville but the awards are actually being given out on Wednesday. I can't wait to have my picture taken in front of the quilt. Even if it doesn't win anything, it is such an honor to have it being considered as a semi-finalist.


  1. I still love that quilt. Good luck at the show.

  2. I love it! It is beautiful. Good luck at the show.


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