Saturday, May 13, 2006

Starting out

I decided that I needed a blog to share what I am doing with my retirement. I had always thought that I will have time to do everything that I wanted once I retired. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be true. Of course, my interests have increased much faster than my time allows.

I started out as a quilter. I have made many quilts and continue to love quilting but recently I have become interested in other art forms, especially playing with paper and fibers. I have joined several internet groups that create fatbooks, decos and other altered art type projects and have been having a lot of fun with these. My love is still fabric however and I find ways to include fabric and fibers in most of my projects.

I have been working today on puzzle pieces from a swap. I finished 4 of them and put the in the mail, forgetting to take photos. I am also in a calendar round robin where each month we work on the current month in someone's calendar. I did remember to take picures of what I did to the current calendar. For this calendar, we are each doing two spreads.

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