Friday, May 19, 2006

Fiber Art Bee Meeting

We had the first meeting of our new Fiber Art Bee today. We all belong to the East Cobb Quilters Guild and formed this bee to experiment and play with different types of fiber art. This month we experimented with using bleach on fabric.

We meet at a local shop - Fiber on a Whim in Sandy Springs, GA. They have a wonderful basement that they allow groups to rent. It worked out great for our playing.

We all brought fabric, buckets, rubber stamps and other items to use. Sharon wrote up some guidelines and led the group. We all had so much fun. I ended up with 6 different pieces of fabric - some of which I like and some are just OK. It is really interesting to see what colors the bleach brings out. My favorite is the black fabric that bleached red/orange.

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  1. Cool, Melinda. On the pieces you aren't so crazy may be surprised when you cut into them and use sections. Think of them not as a final art piece, but a palette to use for your art pieces.
    I'm going to have to try this some time.


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