Thursday, November 01, 2007


I started out the day by going to Jenny Craig to pick up food for the week. I am trying once more to get back on track. Then I got my haircut. I have a great hairdresser and we have decided to let it grow out a little.

Next I went to the dentist. I have a cracked front tooth and a very old crown on the other one. The cracked one is looking worse all the time so it is time for a new crown. Unfortunately, the older one is not a good color for the rest of my teeth so the dentist convinced me that she needed to do both of them so they would match.

When I was 18 years old (about a million years ago), I tripped on a sprinkler head next to the sidewalk and fell flat on my face. I fell so fast that I didn't even get time to put my arms up to soften the blow. Of course, if I had, I probably would have had a broken arm. Instead, I hit my front teeth on the sidewalk. Turns out that three of the teeth were damaged so bad that they were actually dead. They started turning color years later and I ended up with crowns and root canels on three of them. The cracked one is the last of the bad teeth.

Anyway, I spent over four hours at the dentist today. I really like our dentist and think she does a great job but it was a miserable day and my front teeth (the temporary crowns) ache. I hope I can sleep tonight - will take some Tylenol PM now and hope for the best.


  1. Ohhh, poor baby ...8-( But you will be gorgeous again when it's all done. Feel better soon.

    (I really meant, Poor Baby -- but is sounds a little scarcastic...) Having been there, done that, and going toothless with my empty front tooth space for days!!!!, I know it's a darned unpleasant thing until you're done.

  2. Good heavens. Take care of youself and your teeth situation.


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